BLFontDesignMetrics Struct Reference

Design metrics of a font.

Design metrics is information that BLFontFace collected directly from the font data. It means that all fields are measured in font design units.

When a new BLFont instance is created a scaled metrics BLFontMetrics is automatically calculated from BLFontDesignMetrics including other members like transformation, etc...

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Data Documentation

int BLFontDesignMetrics::unitsPerEm

Units per EM square.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::lowestPPEM

Lowest readable size in pixels.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::lineGap

Line gap.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::xHeight

Distance between the baseline and the mean line of lower-case letters.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::capHeight

Maximum height of a capital letter above the baseline.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::ascent

Ascent (horizontal layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::vAscent

Ascent (vertical layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::descent

Descent (horizontal layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::vDescent

Descent (vertical layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::hMinLSB

Minimum leading-side bearing (horizontal layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::vMinLSB

Minimum leading-side bearing (vertical layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::hMinTSB

Minimum trailing-side bearing (horizontal layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::vMinTSB

Minimum trailing-side bearing (vertical layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::hMaxAdvance

Maximum advance (horizontal layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::vMaxAdvance

Maximum advance (vertical layout).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::ascentByOrientation[2]

Horizontal & vertical ascents.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::descentByOrientation[2]

Horizontal & vertical descents.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::minLSBByOrientation[2]

Minimum leading-side bearing (horizontal and vertical).

int BLFontDesignMetrics::minTSBByOrientation[2]

Minimum trailing-side bearing (horizontal and vertical)..

int BLFontDesignMetrics::maxAdvanceByOrientation[2]

Maximum advance width (horizontal) and height (vertical).

BLBoxI BLFontDesignMetrics::glyphBoundingBox

Aggregated bounding box of all glyphs in the font.

This value is reported by the font data so it's not granted to be true.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::underlinePosition

Text underline position.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::underlineThickness

Text underline thickness.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::strikethroughPosition

Text strikethrough position.

int BLFontDesignMetrics::strikethroughThickness

Text strikethrough thickness.