BLFontMetrics Struct Reference

Scaled BLFontDesignMetrics based on font size and other properties.

Public Members

Member Functions

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float BLFontMetrics::size◆ 

Font size.

float BLFontMetrics::ascent◆ 

Font ascent (horizontal orientation).

float BLFontMetrics::vAscent◆ 

Font ascent (vertical orientation).

float BLFontMetrics::descent◆ 

Font descent (horizontal orientation).

float BLFontMetrics::vDescent◆ 

Font descent (vertical orientation).

float BLFontMetrics::lineGap◆ 

Line gap.

float BLFontMetrics::xHeight◆ 

Distance between the baseline and the mean line of lower-case letters.

float BLFontMetrics::capHeight◆ 

Maximum height of a capital letter above the baseline.

float BLFontMetrics::xMin◆ 

Minimum x, reported by the font.

float BLFontMetrics::yMin◆ 

Minimum y, reported by the font.

float BLFontMetrics::xMax◆ 

Maximum x, reported by the font.

float BLFontMetrics::yMax◆ 

Maximum y, reported by the font.

float BLFontMetrics::underlinePosition◆ 

Text underline position.

float BLFontMetrics::underlineThickness◆ 

Text underline thickness.

float BLFontMetrics::strikethroughPosition◆ 

Text strikethrough position.

float BLFontMetrics::strikethroughThickness◆ 

Text strikethrough thickness.