Blend2D is an open source project available on GitHub under blend2d organization. The development is open and anyone is welcome to join our community. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on our gitter channel or filled under issues on the project page. If you have found a security vulnerability it's strongly advised to contact Blend2D Team directly. You can also contact Blend2D Team if you have questions regarding the project or if you would like to get involved.

Public Channels

  • Gitter Channel - Blend2D channel on Gitter where you can meet Blend2D Team and its users

Blend2D Development

Continuous Integration


It's possible to contact Blend2D Team directly if you would like to establish a private communication.

Private Channels

  • Petr Kobalicek - Contact person regarding Blend2D project including donations and commercial support

Donation Options

Blend2D is an open source project that costs both time and money to develop. There are many ways to support the project and making donations is one of them. Since we were busy with the beta release we do not have any accounts for donations set up yet. You can contact Blend2D Team if you would like to donate to the project, however, only donations above $1000 will be processed at the moment. We would like to add more options for making donations including the possibility to use cryptocurrencies in the future.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is planned after the first non-beta release. Contact us if you would like to get a commercial support even in beta time, it's possible, but it will be negotiated individually. In addition, we would like to explore the idea of having stable contributions from companies that use Blend2D. Companies that can allocate a sufficient development power to develop and maintain Blend2D features are welcome to contact us.

We also offer implementing Blend2D features on contract basis. Contact us if Blend2D is ideal for your use-cases, but doesn't provide all the features necessary. In such case the feature can be sponsored by a third party and it will become part of Blend2D after it's implemented and sufficiently tested. Please note that since Blend2D is released under the Zlib license all features implemented this way will also be available under the Zlib license.