Community Support

Blend2D is an open source project available on GitHub under blend2d organization. The development is open and anyone is welcome to join our community. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on our gitter channel or filled under issues on the project page. If you have found a security vulnerability it's strongly advised to contact Blend2D Team directly. You can also contact Blend2D Team if you have questions regarding the project or if you would like to get involved.

Public Channels

  • Gitter - Blend2D chat channel on Gitter where you can meet Blend2D Team and its users
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and announcements!

Blend2D Development

Continuous Integration


  • Petr Kobalicek's GitHub Sponsors Account can be used to support the development of Blend2D.
  • Let us know whether you would like to use a different donation platform or a direct wire transfer instead.

Active Sponsors

Commercial Support

Blend2D is an open source library available for commercial use under the Zlib license. While the Zlib license allows for community-based support, we also offer the option for commercial support to meet your specific needs. If you require dedicated assistance and quick issue resolution, Blend2D Team is ready to discuss tailored commercial support arrangements. This ensures that you can maximize the benefits of Blend2D while receiving the highest level of assistance for your commercial projects.


  • New feature development; features will be integrated to Blend2D
  • Priority bug fixing & assistance with finding possible bugs in Blend2D
  • Porting Blend2D to new architectures & implementing architecture-specific optimizations for greater performance
  • Consultations and assistance in using Blend2D correctly and in an optimal way (includes reviewing the code that uses Blend2D)


  • Creating custom forks of Blend2D library with added functionality - we avoid this kind of support as forks are difficult for future maintenance


Blend2D can also be sponsored by companies to ensure its future development. Since the current development is mostly community-based it's time constrained and developing new features takes more time than if the team had a full-time allocation.


  • Petr Kobalicek - Contact person regarding Blend2D project including donations and commercial support