Blend2D roadmap provides information about features planned in next releases. It should be seen only as a high-level overview as minor features and tasks are not listed to make the list manageable. Features are sorted by category, not by priority. All features listed below have a different complexity; they can take days to months to implement. The highest priority features are these related to the rendering engine, pipeline generator, and improved text support. All other features like image filtering or IO have low priority.

Feature Status Comment
Perf - Multi-threaded Rendering Done Multi-threaded rendering context implementation.
Perf - AVX2 and AVX-512 Acceleration Partial Use AVX2 and AVX-512 in JIT compiled pipelines.
Perf - Rasterizer Acceleration Pending Use the advantage of SSE2/AVX2 in the analytic rasterizer itself (C++ part).
Perf - Glyph Caching Pending Cache pre-rendered RLE compressed glyphs.
Text - Font Management Partial Basic font management, font queries, and font-face caching.
Text - OpenType API Partial Make more OpenType features accessible via Blend2D API (GPOS/GSUB and feature selection).
Geometry - New Stroking Engine In Progress Merge new stroking engine into Blend2D - it includes improved stroking algorithms and dashing.
Geometry - Rational Bezier Curves In Progress Support for rational bezier curves (conics) that can represent arcs exactly [Breaking Change].
Geometry - Perspective Transformations Pending Support for perspective transformations (3x3 matrix) [Breaking Change].
Geometry - Path Boolean Pending Ability to perform boolean operations with two or more paths.
Geometry - Path on Path Pending Ability to deform a path to be on another path, for implementing text-on-path like effects.
Rendering - Gradient Dithering Done High-performance dithered gradients that prevent banding artifacts.
Rendering - A8 Target Done Rendering to buffers that use A8 pixel format.
Rendering - Masking Support Partial Support rendering with a mask (prerequisite for many other features).
Rendering - Non-Rectangular Clipping Pending Support for non-rectangular clipping (mask based / path to mask).
Rendering - Compound Rasterization Pending Ability to rasterize two or more paths and combine them on-the-fly before a final composition.
Rendering - Pixel Filters Pending Filters implementing basic color adjustments and color matrix (SVG).
Rendering - Image Filters Pending Filters implementing Gaussian blur, generic convolution, erode, dilate, and displacement (SVG).
Rendering - Turbulence / Noise Pending Filters generating turbulence and fractal noise (SVG).
Rendering - HSL Blend Modes Pending Non-separable HSL blending (PDF specification, cairo/skia compatibility).
IO - PNG Encoder Initial Ability to encode PNG images (complementary functionality to PNG decoder).
IO - JPEG Encoder Pending Ability to encode JPEG images (complementary functionality to JPEG decoder).


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