BLImageCodec Class Reference

Image codec [C++ API].

Provides a unified interface for inspecting image data and creating image decoders & encoders.

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Member Function Documentation

bool BLImageCodec::isNone() const

Tests whether the image codec is a built-in null instance.

const char* BLImageCodec::name() const

Returns image codec name (i.e, "PNG", "JPEG", etc...).

const char* BLImageCodec::vendor() const

Returns the image codec vendor (i.e. "Blend2D" for all built-in codecs).

const char* BLImageCodec::mimeType() const

Returns a mime-type associated with the image codec's format.

const char* BLImageCodec::extensions() const

Returns a list of file extensions used to store image of this codec, separated by '|' character.

uint32_t BLImageCodec::features() const

Returns image codec flags, see BLImageCodecFeatures.

bool BLImageCodec::hasFeature(uint32_t feature) const

Tests whether the image codec has a flag flag.