BLGradient Class Reference

Gradient [C++ API].

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Create Gradient
Gradient Options
Gradient Stops

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Member Function Documentation

bool BLGradient::isNone() const

Tests whether the gradient is a built-in null instance.

uint32_t BLGradient::type() const

Returns the type of the gradient, see BLGradientType.

BLResult BLGradient::setType(uint32_t type)

Sets the gradient type, see BLGradientType.

uint32_t BLGradient::extendMode() const

Returns the gradient extend mode, see BLExtendMode.

BLResult BLGradient::setExtendMode(uint32_t extendMode)

Set the gradient extend mode, see BLExtendMode.

BLResult BLGradient::resetExtendMode()

Resets the gradient extend mode to BL_EXTEND_MODE_PAD.

bool BLGradient::empty() const

Tests whether the gradient is empty.

Empty gradient is considered any gradient that has no stops.

size_t BLGradient::size() const

Returns the number of stops the gradient has.

size_t BLGradient::capacity() const

Returns the gradient capacity [in stops].

BLResult BLGradient::reserve(size_t n)

Reserves the capacity of gradient for at least n stops.

BLResult BLGradient::shrink()

Shrinks the capacity of gradient stops to fit the current use.

const BLGradientStop* BLGradient::stops() const

Returns the gradient stop data.

const BLGradientStop& BLGradient::stopAt(size_t i) const

Returns a gradient stop at i.

BLResult BLGradient::_applyMatrixOp(uint32_t opType, const void* opData)

Applies a matrix operation to the current transformation matrix (internal).