BLRuntimeBuildInfo Struct Reference

Blend2D build information.

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uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::majorVersion◆ 

Major version number.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::minorVersion◆ 

Minor version number.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::patchVersion◆ 

Patch version number.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::buildType◆ 

Blend2D build type, see BLRuntimeBuildType.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::baselineCpuFeatures◆ 

Baseline CPU features, see BLRuntimeCpuFeatures.

These features describe CPU features that were detected at compile-time. Baseline features are used to compile all source files so they represent the minimum feature-set the target CPU must support to run Blend2D.

Official Blend2D builds set baseline at SSE2 on X86 target and NEON on ARM target. Custom builds can set use a different baseline, which can be read through BLRuntimeBuildInfo.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::supportedCpuFeatures◆ 

Supported CPU features, see BLRuntimeCpuFeatures.

These features do not represent the features that the host CPU must support, instead, they represent all features that Blend2D can take advantage of in C++ code that uses instruction intrinsics. For example if AVX2 is part of supportedCpuFeatures it means that Blend2D can take advantage of it if there is a specialized code-path.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::maxImageSize◆ 

Maximum size of an image (both width and height).

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::maxThreadCount◆ 

Maximum number of threads for asynchronous operations, including rendering.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::reserved[2]◆ 

Reserved, must be zero.

char BLRuntimeBuildInfo::compilerInfo[32]◆ 

Identification of the C++ compiler used to build Blend2D.