BLRuntimeBuildInfo Struct Reference

Blend2D build information.

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uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::version

Blend2D version stored as ((MAJOR << 16) | (MINOR << 8) | PATCH).

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::buildType

Blend2D build type, see BLRuntimeBuildType.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::baselineCpuFeatures

Baseline CPU features, see BLRuntimeCpuFeatures.

These features describe CPU features that were detected at compile-time. Baseline features are used to compile all source files so they represent the minimum feature-set the target CPU must support to run Blend2D.

Official Blend2D builds set baseline at SSE2 on X86 target and NEON on ARM target. Custom builds can set use different baseline, which can be read through BLRuntimeBuildInfo.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::supportedCpuFeatures

Supported CPU features, see BLRuntimeCpuFeatures.

These features do not represent the features that the host CPU must support, instead, they represent all features that Blend2D can take advantage of in C++ code that uses instruction intrinsics. For example if AVX2 is part of supportedCpuFeatures it means that Blend2D can take advantage of it if there is a separate code-path.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::maxImageSize

Maximum size of an image (both width and height).

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::maxThreadCount

Maximum number of threads for asynchronous operations, including rendering.

uint32_t BLRuntimeBuildInfo::reserved[2]

Reserved, must be zero.

char BLRuntimeBuildInfo::compilerInfo[32]

Identification of the C++ compiler used to build Blend2D.