BLGlyphBufferImpl Struct Reference

Glyph buffer [Impl].

This is not a BLObjectImpl compatible Impl.

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t* BLGlyphBufferImpl::content◆ 

Text (UCS4 code-points) or glyph content.

BLGlyphPlacement* BLGlyphBufferImpl::placementData◆ 

Glyph placement data.

size_t BLGlyphBufferImpl::size◆ 

Number of either code points or glyph indexes in the glyph-buffer.

uint32_t BLGlyphBufferImpl::reserved◆ 

Reserved, used exclusively by BLGlyphRun.

uint32_t BLGlyphBufferImpl::flags◆ 

Flags shared between BLGlyphRun and BLGlyphBuffer.

BLGlyphRun BLGlyphBufferImpl::glyphRun◆ 

Glyph run data that can be passed directly to the rendering context.

Glyph run shares data with other members like content, placementData, size, and flags. When working with data it's better to access these members directly as they are typed, whereas BLGlyphRun stores pointers as const void* as it offers more flexibility, which BLGlyphRun doesn't need.

BLGlyphInfo* BLGlyphBufferImpl::infoData◆ 

Glyph info data - additional information of each code-point or glyph.