BLFormatInfo Struct Reference

Provides a detailed information about a pixel format. Use blFormatInfo array to get an information of Blend2D native pixel formats.

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BLResult BLFormatInfo::query(uint32_t format)

Query Blend2D format and copy it to this format info, see BLFormat.

Copies data from blFormatInfo() to this BLFormatInfo struct and returns BL_SUCCESS if the format was valid, otherwise the BLFormatInfo is reset and BL_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE is returned.

The BL_FORMAT_NONE is considered invalid format, thus if it's passed to query() the return value would be BL_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE.

BLResult BLFormatInfo::sanitize()

Sanitize this BLFormatInfo.

Sanitizer verifies whether the format is valid and updates the format information about flags to values that Blend2D expects. For example format flags are properly examined and simplified if possible, byte-swap is implicitly performed for formats where a single component matches one byte, etc...