BLApproximationOptions Struct Reference

Options used to describe how geometry is approximated.

This struct cannot be simply zeroed and then passed to functions that accept approximation options. Use blDefaultApproximationOptions to setup defaults and then alter values you want to change.

Example of using BLApproximationOptions:

// Initialize with defaults first.
// Override values you want to change.
approx.simplifyTolerance = 0.02;
// ... now safely use approximation options in your code ...

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t BLApproximationOptions::flattenMode

Specifies how curves are flattened, see FlattenMode.

uint8_t BLApproximationOptions::offsetMode

Specifies how curves are offsetted (used by stroking), see BLOffsetMode.

uint8_t BLApproximationOptions::reservedFlags[6]

Reserved for future use, must be zero.

double BLApproximationOptions::flattenTolerance

Tolerance used to flatten curves.

double BLApproximationOptions::simplifyTolerance

Tolerance used to approximatecubic curves qith quadratic curves.

double BLApproximationOptions::offsetParameter

Curve offsetting parameter, exact meaning depends on offsetMode.