BLRuntimeSystemInfo Struct Reference

System information queried by the runtime.

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::cpuArch◆ 

Host CPU architecture, see BLRuntimeCpuArch.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::cpuFeatures◆ 

Host CPU features, see BLRuntimeCpuFeatures.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::coreCount◆ 

Number of cores of the host CPU/CPUs.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::threadCount◆ 

Number of threads of the host CPU/CPUs.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::threadStackSize◆ 

Minimum stack size of a worker thread used by Blend2D.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::removed◆ 

Removed field.

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::allocationGranularity◆ 

Allocation granularity of virtual memory (includes thread's stack).

uint32_t BLRuntimeSystemInfo::reserved[5]◆ 

Reserved for future use.

char BLRuntimeSystemInfo::cpuVendor[16]◆ 

Host CPU vendor string such "AMD", "APPLE", "INTEL", "SAMSUNG", etc...

char BLRuntimeSystemInfo::cpuBrand[64]◆ 

Host CPU brand string or empty string if not detected properly.