BLRuntimeResourceInfo Struct Reference

Provides information about resources allocated by Blend2D.

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Data Documentation

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::vmUsed◆ 

Virtual memory used at this time.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::vmReserved◆ 

Virtual memory reserved (allocated internally).

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::vmOverhead◆ 

Overhead required to manage virtual memory allocations.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::vmBlockCount◆ 

Number of blocks of virtual memory allocated.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::zmUsed◆ 

Zeroed memory used at this time.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::zmReserved◆ 

Zeroed memory reserved (allocated internally).

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::zmOverhead◆ 

Overhead required to manage zeroed memory allocations.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::zmBlockCount◆ 

Number of blocks of zeroed memory allocated.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::dynamicPipelineCount◆ 

Count of dynamic pipelines created and cached.

size_t BLRuntimeResourceInfo::reserved[7]◆ 

Reserved for future use.