BLImageInfo Struct Reference

Image information provided by image codecs.

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Data Documentation

BLSizeI BLImageInfo::size◆ 

Image size.

BLSize BLImageInfo::density◆ 

Pixel density per one meter, can contain fractions.

uint32_t BLImageInfo::flags◆ 

Image flags.

uint16_t BLImageInfo::depth◆ 

Image depth.

uint16_t BLImageInfo::planeCount◆ 

Number of planes.

uint64_t BLImageInfo::frameCount◆ 

Number of frames (0 = unknown/unspecified).

char BLImageInfo::format[16]◆ 

Image format (as understood by codec).

char BLImageInfo::compression[16]◆ 

Image compression (as understood by codec).