BLFontFaceInfo Struct Reference

Information of BLFontFace.

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Member Functions

Common Functionality

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t BLFontFaceInfo::faceType◆ 

Font face type, see BLFontFaceType.

uint8_t BLFontFaceInfo::outlineType◆ 

Type of outlines used by the font face, see BLFontOutlineType.

uint8_t BLFontFaceInfo::reserved8[2]◆ 

Reserved fields.

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::glyphCount◆ 

Number of glyphs provided by this font face.

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::revision◆ 

Revision (read from 'head' table, represented as 16.16 fixed point).

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::faceIndex◆ 

Face face index in a TTF/OTF collection or zero if not part of a collection.

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::faceFlags◆ 

Font face flags, see BLFontFaceFlags.

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::diagFlags◆ 

Font face diagnostic flags, see BLFontFaceDiagFlags.

uint32_t BLFontFaceInfo::reserved[2]◆ 

Reserved for future use, set to zero.