BLContextCreateInfo Struct Reference

Information that can be used to customize the rendering context.

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t BLContextCreateInfo::flags◆ 

Create flags, see BLContextCreateFlags.

uint32_t BLContextCreateInfo::threadCount◆ 

Number of worker threads to use for asynchronous rendering, if non-zero.

If threadCount is zero it means to initialize the context for synchronous rendering. This means that every operation will take effect immediately. If threadCount is 1 it means that the rendering will be asynchronous, but no thread would be acquired from a thread-pool, because the user thread will be used as a worker. And finally, if threadCount is greater than 1 then total of threadCount - 1 threads will be acquired from thread-pool and used as additional workers.

uint32_t BLContextCreateInfo::cpuFeatures◆ 

CPU features to use in isolated JIT runtime (if supported), only used when flags contains BL_CONTEXT_CREATE_FLAG_OVERRIDE_CPU_FEATURES.

uint32_t BLContextCreateInfo::commandQueueLimit◆ 

Maximum number of commands to be queued.

If this parameter is zero the queue size will be determined automatically.

TODO: To be documented, has no effect at the moment.

uint32_t BLContextCreateInfo::reserved[4]◆ 

Reserved for future use, must be zero.