BLPatternImpl Struct Reference

Pattern [C Interface - Impl].

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

BLImage BLPatternImpl::image

Image used by the pattern.

volatile size_t BLPatternImpl::refCount

Reference count.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::implType

Impl type.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::implTraits

Impl traits.

uint16_t BLPatternImpl::memPoolData

Memory pool data.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::patternType

Reserved, must be zero.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::extendMode

Pattern extend mode, see BLExtendMode.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::matrixType

Type of the transformation matrix.

uint8_t BLPatternImpl::reserved[1]

Reserved, must be zero.

BLMatrix2D BLPatternImpl::matrix

Pattern transformation matrix.

BLRectI BLPatternImpl::area

Image area to use.