BLImageEncoderImpl Struct Reference

Image encoder [C Interface - Impl].

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

const BLImageEncoderVirt* BLImageEncoderImpl::virt

Virtual function table.

volatile size_t BLImageEncoderImpl::refCount

Reference count.

uint8_t BLImageEncoderImpl::implType

Impl type.

uint8_t BLImageEncoderImpl::implTraits

Impl traits.

uint16_t BLImageEncoderImpl::memPoolData

Memory pool data.

BLResult BLImageEncoderImpl::lastResult

Last faulty result (if failed).

BLImageCodec BLImageEncoderImpl::codec

Image codec that created this encoder.

void* BLImageEncoderImpl::handle

Handle in case that this encoder wraps a thirt-party library.

uint64_t BLImageEncoderImpl::frameIndex

Current frame index.

size_t BLImageEncoderImpl::bufferIndex

Position in source buffer.