BLGradientImpl Struct Reference

Gradient [C Interface - Impl].

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

size_t BLGradientImpl::capacity

Stop capacity.

volatile size_t BLGradientImpl::refCount

Reference count.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::implType

Impl type.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::implTraits

Impl traits.

uint16_t BLGradientImpl::memPoolData

Memory pool data.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::gradientType

Gradient type, see BLGradientType.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::extendMode

Gradient extend mode, see BLExtendMode.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::matrixType

Type of the transformation matrix.

uint8_t BLGradientImpl::reserved[1]

Reserved, must be zero.

BLGradientStop* BLGradientImpl::stops

Gradient stop data.

size_t BLGradientImpl::size

Gradient stop count.


Gradient stop view (C++ only).

union {... }

Union of either raw stops & size members or their view.

BLMatrix2D BLGradientImpl::matrix

Gradient transformation matrix.

double BLGradientImpl::values[BL_GRADIENT_VALUE_COUNT]

Gradient values (coordinates, radius, angle).

BLLinearGradientValues BLGradientImpl::linear

Linear parameters.

BLRadialGradientValues BLGradientImpl::radial

Radial parameters.

BLConicalGradientValues BLGradientImpl::conical

Conical parameters.