BLFontImpl Struct Reference

Font [C Interface - Impl].

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

BLFontFace BLFontImpl::face

Font-face used by this font.

volatile size_t BLFontImpl::refCount

Reference count.

uint8_t BLFontImpl::implType

Impl type.

uint8_t BLFontImpl::implTraits

Impl traits.

uint16_t BLFontImpl::memPoolData

Memory pool data.

uint16_t BLFontImpl::weight

Font width (1..1000) [0 if the font is not initialized].

uint8_t BLFontImpl::stretch

Font stretch (1..9) [0 if the font is not initialized].

uint8_t BLFontImpl::style

Font style.


Font features.


Font variations.

BLFontMetrics BLFontImpl::metrics

Font metrics.

BLFontMatrix BLFontImpl::matrix

Font matrix.