BLContextState Struct Reference

Rendering context state.

This state is not meant to be created by users, it's only provided for users that want to introspect the rendering context state and for C++ API that can access it directly for performance reasons.

Public Members

Member Data Documentation

BLImageCore* BLContextState::targetImage

Target image or image object with nullptr impl in case that the rendering context doesn't render to an image.

BLSize BLContextState::targetSize

Current size of the target in abstract units, pixels if rendering to BLImage.

BLContextHints BLContextState::hints

Current context hints.

uint8_t BLContextState::compOp

Current composition operator.

uint8_t BLContextState::fillRule

Current fill rule.

uint8_t BLContextState::styleType[2]

Current type of a style for fill and stroke operations, see BLContextOpType that describes indexes and BLStyleType that describes styles.

uint8_t BLContextState::reserved[4]

Reserved for future use, must be zero.

BLApproximationOptions BLContextState::approximationOptions

Approximation options.

double BLContextState::globalAlpha

Current global alpha value [0, 1].

double BLContextState::styleAlpha[2]

Current fill or stroke alpha, see BLContextOpType.

BLStrokeOptions BLContextState::strokeOptions

Current stroke options.

BLMatrix2D BLContextState::metaMatrix

Current meta transformation matrix.

BLMatrix2D BLContextState::userMatrix

Current user transformation matrix.

size_t BLContextState::savedStateCount

Count of saved states in the context.