BLArrayImpl Struct Reference

Array container [C Interface - Impl].

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
T* BLArrayImpl::dataAs()[1/2]

Returns the pointer to the data casted to T*.

template<typename T>
const T* BLArrayImpl::dataAs() const[2/2]

Returns the pointer to the data casted to const T*.

Member Data Documentation

size_t BLArrayImpl::capacity

Array capacity.

volatile size_t BLArrayImpl::refCount

Reference count.

uint8_t BLArrayImpl::implType

Impl type.

uint8_t BLArrayImpl::implTraits

Impl traits.

uint16_t BLArrayImpl::memPoolData

Memory pool data.

uint8_t BLArrayImpl::itemSize

Item size in bytes.

uint8_t BLArrayImpl::dispatchType

Function dispatch used to handle arrays that don't store simple items.

uint8_t BLArrayImpl::reserved[2]

Reserved, must be set to 0.

void* BLArrayImpl::data

Array data (as void).

size_t BLArrayImpl::size

Array size.

BLDataView BLArrayImpl::view

Array data and size as a view.